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Stainless steel materials lead intelligent medical treatment

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As a representative of intelligent medical devices, stainless steel nursing vehicles, ABS emergency vehicles and other medical devices have gained a lot of popularity in the past two years. The insiders believe that medical equipment will overturn the traditional medical field and open up the intelligence of medical subdivision. Medical equipment such as stainless steel nursing car and ABS ambulance can continuously track the follow-up of patients, so that doctors can dynamically evaluate the efficacy of drugs, timely track the progress of patients' rehabilitation, and find potential risk factors. The medical industry is a vital industry, which has always had many policy shackles. Since 2013, the policy benefits have been passed on frequently, and the medical device industry has ushered in a rare policy intensive "promotion period".

In the process of the development of modern medical and health industry, the manufacturing of medical equipment will consume a large number of stainless steel products. For example, stainless steel nursing vehicles and ABS emergency vehicles that are promising in the future in the medical equipment industry are mainly made of high-grade stainless steel. As shown in the figure below, the fences and columns are made of solid stainless steel rods.

The domestic medical device industry is facing many opportunities and its market share is gradually expanding. In theory, the development of stainless steel medical devices will increase the demand of tube market; However, from the actual situation, the domestic market is still relatively short of high-end stainless steel pipe profiles, which can not meet the needs of medical devices and occupy a limited proportion of the medical equipment industry. Combined with the current market situation, it is better to seize the opportunity to improve product quality and enter the high-end market to embark on the road of transformation and development than to fight a price war in the middle and low-end markets.


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