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Causes of Brittle Fracture of Stainless Steel Castings

时间:2021-04-23   访问量:1632

Generally, the stainless steel casting method is precision casting. When the stainless steel casting is shelled, machined and installed, it often occurs brittle fracture (i.e. brittle fracture). In case of such a problem, the whole furnace of castings will be invalidated. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Here are some examples to introduce.

The reasons for brittle fracture of stainless steel castings are as follows:

1. The amount of deoxidizer aluminum used in smelting is too high, and its nitridation with steel is easy to form aluminum nitride inclusions, which will cause brittle fracture of castings.

2. When building furnace lining, the amount of boric acid is too high, which will cause carbon boron compound in steel, namely "boron brittleness".

3. Too high carbon content and other alloy elements beyond the allowed scale will also increase the brittleness of steel. For example, when pig iron is used to increase carbon, if the feeding is not careful or without accounting, harmful elements will be brought in.

4. The molten steel is severely overheated, the heat treatment is improper, and the grains are coarse.

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